What is Yoni Steaming?

Women are dealing with many reproductive issues and having invasive surgeries to rectify these problems.

Yoni or "V" Steaming is an ancient art of steaming the vaginal canal with selected herbs to bring about balance and healing in the womb. 
We will educate you on everything that you'll be experiencing for an amazing perspective on healthy sexuality.

What is a "V" Steam?
A Yoni steam is a modern version of ancient vaginal steaming traditions that send herbal infusions into the vaginal canal via warm steams. It is a form of hydrotherapy and is a cleansing bath for our most treasured and sacred womb.

Benefits of Steaming?

  • Cleanses the uterus

  • Releases toxins

  • Strengthens and tones reproductive organs

  • Also known to assist with common female reproductive issues

  • May increase libido 

  • Overall relaxation

What to Expect After Steaming
​  A variety of changes can take place after steaming, from physical releases to deep relaxation. Due to the energetic release of trauma that can be stored in the womb region, some women experience a release of emotions. While this is a good thing, we recommend that you set some time aside for yourself afterwards to honor your emotions and rest and release. 

Additional Possible After Effects
​Changes in menstrual  cycle
Release of old dark blood and or clots
Lighter Menstrual Cycles 
May regulate menstural cycle

Cost $75
Monthly Plan -$59 (1x per month)
Bi weekly Plan- $120 (2x per month)