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Rejuvenation Wellness Retreat

March 10-13 2022
Villa Rica, Ga

Stressed Woman

You're the wife, the mom, the aunt, grandma, the entrepreneur, the career woman…
Everyone's got a label for you, but when was the last time you were just you?
When was the last time you put yourself first?
Do you enjoy the life you're living right now?
Does it spark joy, and are you at peace letting it remain the same way?
Do you often find yourself feeling like something's missing even though you've achieved everything you had imagined?
As women, it's easy to get caught up in different roles. After all, society quickly does it for us. But, what we forget is the toll it takes on us. I've seen many women, me and you included, end up feeling frustrated and lost, wondering what's next? Is this really all there is to this so-called game of life?


I'm Ashia Nicole, the founder of Exotic Faces. I'm a licensed esthetician massage therapist, life coach, reiki master, and ordained minister, and I'd like to tell you that, no, there certainly is more to life.
That's why I created this coaching retreat because I believe in empowering women to live their best lives, healing their emotional and physical bodies and learning to prioritize self-care. When we do this, we are happier and at peace with ourselves, but we can also be of better service to our families and the community. I am also deeply passionate about womb wellness after battling my own uterine fibroids, which resulted from emotional dysfunction.
My background spans over 22 years in serving women and teaching self-care. Additionally, I worked in the spa industry, where I have owned and operated several spa locations. I'd also like to add that I take a non-religious yet spiritual approach to inspire my clients.


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Who is this Retreat for?

The Successful Professional








It's not easy balancing home and work life. You are successful in your career but struggle to prioritize self-care. Sometimes all you want is a break to figure out what it all means and who you truly are.

Empty Nesters looking to transition to the next step.







You've probably spent a large part of your life taking care of your children, and now it's time to learn to take care of yourself.

The Women in A Long-term relationship

Learning to prioritize self-care can be quite a challenge. You might find yourself prioritizing your partner and never see the need to prioritize self-care at all.

The Single Woman Seeking a Mate









We attract what we are and we teach people how to treat us! Learning to "Love on you" and Investing in your self care will put you in the best possible place to attract a loving compassionate mate that is the best REFLECTION of you!

The Serial Monogamist









So you are the lady that ALWAYS has a mate but they never seem to work our or you are never happy! So you move from relationship to relationship and never spend anytime alone! You are the common denominator my sister! It may be time to  learn to LOVE ON YOURSELF, address your past issues and be transparent with YOU about how you may show up in your relationships!











At The rejuvenation wellness retreat, the main aim will be to hit the reset button and find ourselves. I will guide you through various processes to help you rediscover yourselves. The goal is to get you to a state of ultimate relaxation where you can unwind and clear your mind, allowing you to reflect on the changes you'd like to take place in your life.

Are you ready to take the leap and rewrite the narrative of your life?

Your Investment: (cost of the retreat)
Single Occupancy $1200 pp
Double Occupancy $900 pp

Triple Occupancy $800 pp
You wouldn’t want to miss out!

Reserve your space with a $300 Deposit


What You Can Expect:
Lodging for 4 days and 3 Nights
Breakfast and Dinner
Yoga sessions
Daily Wellness Activities

Thought Provoking Exercises to ensure you are your Path of Joy!


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