When Your Womb Calls

When is the last time you felt a sensation in your womb region that was not related to your cycle? Women are privileged to have a personal assistant that will contact us whenever something is out of alignment. Most of us are just too busy and or too numb to realize that this is happening.

Our wombs speak to us not only when or if something is out of order but also if we are doing something that we may really not want to do, but choose to push through anyway.

Your womb can alert you if someone you are involved with is not healthy for you. Or if you should stay inside today, or if the person you are having sexual engagement with is not for your wombs highest good. But we will miss these calls if we don't recognize her ring tone.

So start paying attention ladies. To any little shooting pain, tingling sensation, heaviness, throbbing or feelings of fear that seem to arise out of nowhere. This is your girl attempting to get in touch with you and signal you about something.

I encourage you to keep a journal and record every time you have a sensation (outside of cycle related menstrual cramping). This will allow you to see any patterns that may be present. (Ie: Every time you walk into someones house you feel a tingle or a throbbing sensation) or the 2nd Saturday of every month you feel tingling and an urge to be sexual... you may be ovulating. Knowing your body is a priceless gift. It will keep you healthy and protected if you learn your patterns and can differentiate when something is off.

If your vaginal discharge changes abnormally this could signify something is off balance internally, so pay attention! Do not just try and wash it or douche it away. Its your body's way of alerting you. If the change is something that happens every month then you will know its is a part of your regular pattern or if its something you should go visit your obgyn about. The overall point is ladies is to LISTEN! The following exercise will assist you with getting more in touch with your wombs.

1. Create a quiet space where you can lie down and relax undisturbed

2. Lie down on your back and get yourself into a comfortable position

3. Place both of your hands over your Womb (the area below the navel and above the panty line where your uterus and ovaries reside.

4. Take 3 deep inhales through your nose, and audibly exhale out of your mouth "AAAHHHH"

5. Relax your body with each breath

6. Once comfortable verbally ask your womb "How are you feeling" Be sure to pay attention to whatever thoughts or emotions come up for you after you ask this question. THAT IS HOW SHE MAY COMMUNICATE...VIA YOUR EMOTIONS

7. Sit quietly in this position at least 10 minutes. When you are done journal any thoughts or physical sensations that came up during this meditative time. After awhile as your relationship with your womb improves, you will be able to identify these sensations more readily.

Enjoy your Sacred Time!

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