Spring Time Eyelash Tips

Spring is in the air...and so is the POLLEN! In addition to the hassle of having green cars and patios, many people wrestle with allergies.  This means itchy watery eyes, which can wreak havoc on your lashes!  Because pollen can collect in your eyelash extensions and cause further irritation It is important to keep your lashes clean. I have included a few tips below to help you get through the season without rubbing your beautiful lashes away!

Check out The Following Tips for More Lash Longevity

  • Wear shades outdoors whenever possible

  • Gently cleanse the lashes daily with cool water and eyelash cleanser or baby shampoo (use a small amount of baby shampoo on the tip of your finger and rub your finger across the wet lashes.  Rinse with cool water and pat dry.


  • Avoid wearing Mascara. Pollen residue can get caught in the mascara fibers Instead opt for more lashes for the desired volume

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