Let Go and Live

What stops us from living our best lives? Is it our routines, the things we tell ourselves we can or can not go? Our families, our jobs, our health?? What is it? And what does Living your best life mean to you? This varies from individual to individual and there is no right or wrong answer. For me its joy, healthy living, freedom, loving and being loved and seeing the world.

Someone asked me today how I am able to travel as frequently as I do? The immediate assumption is that I have a ton of extra resources to do so. This is a myth. While I may be comfortable financially, my ability to travel around as freely as I do has everything to do with the choices I make. I choose to put my resources towards travel instead of things. I have learned what the best days are to find inexpensive airfare and economical ways of to lodge. I may choose to eat at home as opposed to eating out all of the time. Instead of purchasing that $4.00 cup of Tea in the mornings I make my own at home. If you simply cut out eating breakfast outside of the home, you will be surprised how much money you can save.

Another little suggestion is creating a Travel Envelope! In this travel envelope, designate a certain amount of funds everyday or every week that will be for your travel expenses. I put all extra change into this envelope as well.. (change meaning all spare 1's and 5's!) Before you know it, you will have an envelope full of cash!

The next time you want you want to get away, remember that it is accessible to you with a little planning and consistency you can be on your way!

Your belief in this fact is 50% of the work.. the rest will come. Now get those envelopes and lets get started!

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