Eyelash Extensions

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The Eyes Are The Windows

Our eyes have a way of speaking even when our mouths are silent!  Eyelash enhancement has been around for centuries and we continue to enhance the beauty of our peepers.

Try a beautiful set of Eyelash Exstensions or frame the face with a beautiufl eyebrow enhancement and let your eyes do the talking!


Last up to 2 Months

Eyelash Extensions 

The lashes are enhanced 1 strand at a time for a natural enhancement. We offer from Natural to Dramatic sets in silk and mink variations. 

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Last up to 1 week

Strip Eyelashes

For a temporary enhancement or a more dramatic look, Strip Eyelashes are perfect! They last 1 to 5 days.

They may also be added to eyelash extensions for a special occasion.

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Professional Makeup

Last up to 2 weeks

Individual Flare Lashes

A temporary eyelash enhancement that last 1 to 2 weeks. This is a more dramatic look than the extensions for the client that desires more volume.

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