Successful Girl

28 Days to Living Your Best Life!

If your burnt out, tired and feeling a bit lost on your path then this is for you!


Women burn the candles at both ends and barely know how to carve an hour out of the day for themselves. Most don't even know how or where to begin! This not only benefits you but it benefits all that you come in contact with.


On this 28 Day Journey we will Eat, Speak, See, Feel and Experience

only healthy things to transform yourself into a balanced healthy Woman. 

Incorporate 28 days of practices into your life that are guaranteed to create positive change in your world. A balanced woman is a healthy woman. 

Remember Happy Queen Happy Queendom!

I'll help get you on the path to Living your Best Life in 28 days. This Includes:

  • Access to my 28 Days to Living My Best Life private group coaching program

  • Daily Recorded Affirmation and Intention for the day for 28 days 

  • Task of the Day Emailed Daily for 28 days to begin creating new habits for yourself

  •  Weekly 1-hour group coaching and Q&A sessions with me

  •  Weekly homework assignments to keep you accountable

  •  Clear roadmap & Living my Best Life Checklist so you know EXACTLY what to do each week

  • Direct access to me as your coach for 28 days—including all my knowledge from helping clients and employees get themselves organized to begin living the life they desire ie: Your Best Life!

  • My unwavering enthusiasm, support, & brainpower to help you achieve your goals



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